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Characterized as simple, clean, and elegant. The neutral tones add a chic yet simple feel to the design while highlighting the open space. The use of light is important and a key aspect of the design (light and airy). Everything in the home serves an intentional purpose to the space. Combining different shades and textures to the space creates warmth without over cluttering. Minimalism is a style that not only feels good, but adds to your visual clarity as well, capturing the focus of the people and activities taking place in the home versus the distractions of unneeded decor.


Rugs, ceramics, potted plants, macramé, art, pillows; all handmade pieces that can add a personalized touch to a home. In California, handmade pieces feature a prominent placement in many of Cali’s popular styles, such as Boho, Spanish Revival, and Minimalism. They speak to the creativity and personalities within the home, while many of them are also one-of-a-kind pieces. From traditional art pieces from around to the world, to locally handcrafted ceramics and utensils, handmade pieces allow people to emotionally connect with their home while creating a wholesome feeling that has translated into a style seen in many California homes up and down the coast.


From red tiled roofs, stucco walls, rounded arches, and deep tones of red, brown, and oranges this early 20th century style is rustic yet refined. Giving a warm and cozy vibe with terracotta tiles and large wooden beams, the style’s prominent open courtyards act as a great space for gathering. More elaborate homes feature intricate tile and stonework to showcase the home’s detail.


Rustic and earthy vibes while maintaining a put-together and polished feel. Bringing the outdoors indoors, the feel of Boho tends to give off an easy-going nature using organic elements, earthy, soft tones, and comfortable, natural materials in the home from woods, to cottons and leathers. Pops of color in strategic places add to the California-esque feel while not overpowering the nature of the design.


Open space homes and floor plans are a common theme in California and in Californian architecture. Natural light is free to stream in though the windows and flow from space to space without obstructing walls or barriers that often occur in more compact designs. The open kitchens, living rooms or gathering areas encourage a sense of togetherness and family and within the home.

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